Dr. Peter J. Cohen-Director of Research

Peter was intrigued by the natural world at an early age, growing up in a small town in Connecticut with his family. He has set out to establish a career that is a good fit for his ambitious personality and entrepreneurial spirit. Peter’s diverse knowledge base, leadership skills and work ethic are perfect to support and enhance the Cellulose-to-Sugar (CTS) process at Ek Laboratories, Inc. (Ek Labs).
Dr. Cohen currently holds a B.S. in Biology, giving him a firm grasp of the natural and sustainable feedstock used by the CTS process as well as culture of organisms grown from the product. Toward the end of his undergraduate study, he became interested in the chemistry that drives biological systems and learned how to study it. During his Master’s work he focused on the isolation and characterization of bioactive molecules for pharmaceutical leads and proposed more efficient extraction and separation procedures. His Doctorate focused on method development and creating new ways to test and analyze processes using analytical instrumentation. Peter’s knowledge clearly spans the CTS process from start to finish.
Throughout life he realized the benefit of working in groups and observed many qualities of leading role models. Peter immediately started leading research projects at the start of graduate school; proposing projects for funding, recruiting and training students, and successfully reporting results. By the time he defended his Dissertation, Peter had lead several award winning research projects from start to finish. SInce, he has founded and led Cohen Scientific Consulting Service, a successful consulting company.
Dr. Cohen’s work ethic is always evident. At a social gathering, he is the guest helping the host cook, or set up party chairs. His dense and uninterrupted employment record over the past 15 years,  makes you wonder where he had the time for volunteering and philanthropy. He served as a public educator, environmental remediation for Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection, and served on the Environmental Advisory Board of Melbourne Beach.
He currently lives in Longwood, Florida, happily applying his knowledge, skills, and ethics to research at Ek Labs.