Dr. Peter J. Cohen-Director of Research

Peter Cohen has a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from the Florida Institute of Technology, an M.S. in Organic Chemistry, and a B.S. in Biology. Toward the end of his undergraduate study, he became interested in the chemistry that drives biological systems and learned how to study it. During his Master’s work he focused on the isolation and characterization of bioactive molecules for pharmaceutical leads and proposed more efficient extraction and separation procedures. His Doctorate focused on method development and creating new ways to test and analyze processes using analytical instrumentation. By the time he defended his Dissertation, Peter had lead several award winning research projects from start to finish.

Dr Cohen is an ISO17025 auditor, trained in cGMP, and has built two laboratories supporting scale up of technologies. He has developed more than nine analytical methodologies, discovered anti-cancer compounds, and has worked on trade secrets for major organizations including NASA, Intel, and the USDA. He served as a public educator, environmental remediation for Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection, and served on the Environmental Advisory Board of Melbourne Beach.

Dr. Cohen has worked on the CTS technology since 2013. Peter’s knowledge spans the CTS process from start to finish, and he has been a co-developer of a number of the Company’s patents.